What inspires me?

Rainbows.  Glitter.  Unicorns.  Caffeine.

My love of color, texture + whimsy.  My family.  My cats.  The sun.  The rain.  A smell.  A song.  A dream.  The world around me.

Something, somewhere inspires me daily. I love having so many artistic outlets, no matter my mood, there is always something that will spark my creativity.

I love photography for so many reasons.  It is amazing to capture memories for families and couples, and I love the art I create out of a seemingly normal setting, bringing out the emotions of the moment… but I also love to photograph abstract, nature and architecture.  In color, in black & white – however the image speaks to me when I edit.  It’s nice to create photographic art for myself and to experiment with no expectations.

Painting is like an old friend, it’s one of my first artistic genres I fell in love with at a young age.  I mostly use acrylic & oil, occasionally watercolor.  I do mostly abstract because I like color and texture… it doesn’t need to ‘make sense’, it just needs to be from the heart and it makes me happy.  And I like to make messes.  I just love to experiment with color combinations, texture, styles.  It’s a playground for my eyes and imagination.

Digital art and graphic design work is fun on a different level – once you have the software + imagination, you are limitless in what you can create!  No stopping a project to run out and get supplies, it’s all at my fingertips!  I have the ability to create artwork for the sake of art and for retail products, and I like the challenge of solving a client’s business need.  I love seeking out tutorials on new techniques and effects, and incorporating it into my art and design projects for myself and client work.

Oh…. and my crafts!!! Glue guns, glitter, coffee filter paper flowers, fabric, magnets… I also have an addiction to Pinterest. I have boards for daaaays!

I hope you follow me along my creative journey – you never know where we’ll end up!