erin burke is a…

wife  ⋅  momma  ⋅  bossbabe

Erin Burke Columbus Ohio Artist Photographer Storyteller

I…. Think BIG.  Play HARD.  Love HARDER.

I am an artist, a creative soul.  I am a business owner + an entrepreneur.
Everything I do, I do wholeheartedly with full passion.  To quote the movie Spaceballs, I go to plaid.

I LOVE creating all kinds of art – photography (portrait, lifestyle, abstract, landscape, architecture), graphic design, digital art, painting (acrylic & oil), drawing (pencil, charcoal, pen), mixed media, crafting, baking…  I love to continuously learn, grow, and push myself as an artist in all aspects.  Also, my obsession with glitter is exceptionally strong.

I own a photography business, Sugar Plum Creative, and I specialize in lifestyle portrait photography, and brand + personal brand photography.  I love storytelling through different perspectives, being able to help families and couples capture special memories, and businesses to share their personality and uniqueness through creative images.

I’m also creating an online space to showcase + sell my artwork. I currently have art for sale in The Red Stable in German Village, and in Wanderlust Studio in Merion Village. Now I’ve created toddler creative experiences, hosting them in my studio with my daughter!  I stay pretty busy to say the least.

In addition to being a creative boss babe, and most importantly, I’m a wife and momma.  Everything I do, I do for my family!  We play, love, giggle and snuggle hard!  They are my #1!!  We decided to share our journey through pregnancy and learning to be parents, so now I have added ‘blogger’ to my list of ventures!

What I do…

Sugar Plum Creative // lifestyle portrait + brand photography

Erin With Art // artwork + workshops



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